Average Draft Position

One of the simplest draft approaches is the Average Draft Position (ADP) strategy.

In fact, it could well be argued that this is no strategy at all. It requires minimal preparation and can be effective for less experienced fantasy football players.

Learning all of the players and evaluating where they should be taken in the draft can be an overwhelming task. One way around that is to review the results of other drafts to get a feel for where players are being drafted.

Several sites will provide you with ADP data.They calculate the ADP of players taken in the drafts conducted on their sites and make that information available to anyone who is interested.

One site that we really like is MyFantasyLeague.com. Why? Because the leagues hosted on this site are paid leagues. People are paying real money to participate in these leagues and are generally more serious players than the casual participant who jumps into a free Yahoo league.

You should filter the ADP results to come as close as possible to your league settings. This is important because you want to use ADP results from leagues that are similar to the scoring format of your league. Otherwise, the ADP data has little or no relevance to your league.

Using ADP data can help you assess where you might have to take a player you really like if you're going to get him. In other words, if you really like a particular player you will probably have to take him slightly ahead of his ADP to get him.

Using ADP can also be helpful in identifying "steals" or players who have fallen in your draft below the value perceived by the masses. If you can pick them up below their ADP you may be getting better value.

When utilizing this approach, you must be careful to keep up with recent player news to make sure that the reason a player has fallen below their ADP isn't due to an injury or another off the field issue.

If you don't have much time to prepare for your draft and you're looking for some quick help, you should give ADP a try. We hope you'll check out the resources here on FantasyStrategies.com as well. Good luck with your draft!

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